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The Sports Goods Manufacturers of France

There are many sports manufacturers in France that have a rich history of producing the very best sports clothing and equipment. They cover a wide variety of sports and many of the country’s sports companies operate abroad as well as at home.

One of the biggest football and rugby kit producers are Le Coq Sportif. Their kit is instantly recognizable as their emblem includes the Gallic rooster which is a national symbol of France. The company was founded in 1882 and today produces clothing and shoes for basketball, boxing, cycling, tennis, football and rugby.

The new French Rugby shirt by Le Coq Sportif

Currently the company currently supply St-Etienne and Fiorentina football clubs their club kits, and over the years they have supplied Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Stoke City. They have also made the national strips for France, Italy, Spain and Argentina.

They are also now started to branch out into Rugby Union and Cycling. The French national rugby team wear their produce as do the club team Racing 92. The cycling teams that use their kit include “Quick Step-Innergetic” and “Team Milram”.

The country is famous as a winter sports destination so it is of no surprise that there are a number of French Ski manufacturers that produce equipment that is used around the world. One of the biggest producers of skis and boots is Salomon which first opened in 1947.

The company has grown so large that in 2005 it was acquired by Amer Sports of Finland for 485 million Euros. The company has also diversified into selling clothing for hiking, climbing and trail running.

One of Salomon’s closest rivals is Skis Rossignol who are located in Isere in France. The company were one of the first to produce plastic skis. The company has progressed through producing wooden skis to metal skis, to plastic skis and to fiberglass skis.

The Rossignol Ski

The company has been operating since 1907 and it really came to prominence inn1937 when Emille Allias became a triple world champion using their brand. The company is now owned by Altor Equity Partners, having been sold by “Quicksilver” who had paid 560 million euros in 2005 to purchase the group.

Patrick are a famous sportswear company who have been particularly successful in producing footwear and clothing for different sports. It has been its production of football, rugby and tennis footwear that has seen the company achieve its greatest success.

The company was founded by Patrick Beneteau in 1892 in Venedee in France. Jean Anquetil the cyclist, wore the company’s shoes when he won the Tour De France in 1964 and Michel Platini, the footballer, wore their boots when he won the Ballon d’Or in 1985.

One of Frances most famous clothing producers is Lacoste, with its crocodile emblem being famous in fashion houses around the world. Founded by tennis player Renee Lacoste in 1933. He was known as the crocodile on the tennis court as a result of his tenacity so it was only natural to use the emblem when he started to produce his own tennis shirts.

Over the years the company has diversified into producing other items such as towels footwear and watches, but it is the polo shirt where it has found its greatest fame. This has proved to be popular on both tennis courts and golf courses. In 2012 the company was sold to Maus Freres a Swiss group and it continues to be one of the most popular brands in the world.